ABV Calculators

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Alcohol calculators are kind of like a game of darts for homebrewers.  We measure a starting gravity before initiating fermentation by looking at the liquid line on a floating measurement, squinting a bit and declaring it some nice round number.  Then we do the same thing again after fermentation is done.  Then we plug those into our favorite ABV Calculator and see what it says.  And if we don’t like… Read More »ABV Calculators

2019 Quadromel

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This is my Belgian-Style Quadruppel Braggot.  That is, a beer-style mead that’s deep, dark, slightly sweet and stronger than it seems.  This was my first attempt at this.  I did a single gallon, and kegged it in one of those 1-gallon micro-kegs.  While I was carbonating it, I left it all on its own a little too long and it threw a little fit all over my brewing closet.  That… Read More »2019 Quadromel

2019 Mountain Lion

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Mountain Lion is my cute little name for my mountain cedar metheglin. For my 2019 batch, I collected the berries a bit later than last year, but earlier than the year before.  I’m still not quite sure when the optimal harvesting time is.  I’ve determined the berries give a more pungent flavor if I get them a bit later in the season, but I’ve yet to figure out exactly how… Read More »2019 Mountain Lion